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PFM Compact Fine Seal Bagging Pack Machine

Company Name: Proffesional Packaging Systems

Fin Seal / Flow Wrap Machines

Contact: Sales at Proffesional Packaging Systems

Type and Condition: Automatic Machines
Manufactured in: 2021
Make: Proffesional Packaging Systems
Model: PFM Compact Fine Seal Bagging Pack Machine

PFM Compact Fine Seal Bagging Pack Machine Features:
Main electronic operations driven by brushless motors in electrical axis controlled by a PLC and an alphanumeric programming keyboard or colour touch screen. 2 mt. loading belt divided into easy to clean sections (standard version). AISI 304 structure with aluminium plates, treated chemically against corrosion Product group transfer system and pneumatic pusher. Package forming system with forming tube and quick-release system. Self-centering film pulling belts driven by a brushless motor. Traverse sealing system with hot-bar crimpers driven by a brushless motor. Self-centering reel-holding shaft with brake and electronic control of the film tension. Electronic print registration system. Thermotransfer date coding unit (optional).

Company Location: US

Added: June 29, 2020, 1:42 p.m.


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